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Take Advantage of our Summer Beginner Clinics

Take Advantage of our Summer Beginner Clinics One of the most important parts of any tennis training facility is to educate and support the next generation of athletes. Every summer we put together some beginner camps and clinics to give those eager to learn tennis for the first time a chance to grasp the basics…

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Columbus Tennis USTA Teams

Columbus Tennis USTA Teams Elysium Tennis is an active participant in the United States Tennis Association league and our players always have an excellent time.  We currently have 186 women and 51 men participating on USTA teams and we’re so proud of them all! Congratulations to our 3.0 Women’s Career-Prickett Team and 4.0 Men’s Curry…

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Private Lessons Available for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, tennis champs!  It’s looking warmer and brighter every day and you’re probably just as eager to break out of the winter slump as we are.  With all the warm weather coming down the pipe, you’re sure to be out on the courts and next year’s Varsity Tennis teams are already…

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