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The Most Common Tennis Injuries

As much as we’d like them to be, tennis injuries just are not avoidable. If you play, it’s likely that eventually you’ll end up hurt. Hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular endurance, complex musculoskeletal participation, and flexibility are all tested when taking the court. Most Common Tennis Injuries Rotator cuff tendinitis an overuse injury which causes the area…

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Explode Into Your Set with Agility Drills

Practice makes perfect, so a professional, or anyone who is serious about a hobby or skill, does just that, they practice. They run drills. This is especially important in the sports world for ensuring your overall health, and game, are top notch. In the game of tennis, agility drills are encouraged for developing a quickness…

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The Tennis Volley

Knowing how to properly execute a tennis volley, complete with timing and approach, is paramount to mastering the game. These shots are necessary when there won’t be time to get the ball before a second bounce or you are simply wanting to include an attack on the net as part of your strategy. A tennis…

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