Pro Tennis

Students Bound for University Should Consider Playing College Tennis

Tennis is a highly enriching sport for both juniors and adults alike. With over 350,000 American high school students participating in their high school varsity tennis program, there’s certainly plenty of interest and participation in the game at the teenage level– which is awesome! This level of youth participation is great for the tennis industry…

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How to Become a Professional Tennis Player

The road to becoming a professional tennis player can feel daunting but doesn’t need to be that way. There are some challenges along the way but find out what it really takes to become a professional tennis player and see what possibilities open up.   Going Pro Athletically gifted player who have financial resources and…

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What it Takes to Become a Ball Boy at the U.S. Open

This year’s U.S. Open was a thrill to watch with so many talented Pro Tennis Players.  We love it every year, of course.  But with so many young tennis players coming through our programs, we get asked a lot about how they choose the ball boys at the U.S. Open and other tennis tournaments.  It’s…

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