Tennis Tips

Pros and Cons of Court Surfaces in Covered Tennis Courts

The surface of an indoor tennis court is important to the game as it can affect how the ball bounces, the way players hit the ball and can either play to a person’s strength or weakness, even at the professional level. A large selection of surface materials is available when deciding where to play at…

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Dear Abby

Would my partner and I ever play I-formation to the deuce side? It seems we always practice to the ad side. Signed, Ima Confused Dear Ima, Thank you for the great question. Here at Elysium, our strategy is to match up our strengths to our opponent’s weaknesses. By primarily teaching I-formation from the ad side, we…

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Get in Shape for Spring with a Columbus Tennis Class

If you want to lose weight and get in shape and want to have fun doing it, you will love playing Columbus tennis. Tennis is a great way to get into shape. It requires and lot of movement and you’ll be focused on the game so you won’t even realize how much time you have spent…

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