Elysium Tennis has the most experienced and certified coaches that will help develop your game. From beginners to adults, receive elite coaching by any one of our tennis pros.


Elysium Tennis offers a wide range of programs based on varying skill levels. Have a look and see which program best fits your child. For more information or if you have any questions about our Junior programs, contact Dan Morneau at dmorneau@elysiumtennis.com.


Membership is required to participate in most of the adult clinics at Elysium. There are some special clinics and programs that do not require membership. Please check with the pros or front desk to confirm your eligibility. Membership is required in order to participate in adult leagues and USTA.

Fifteen minute evaluations are offered at no charge in order to place individuals at the appropriate level. Please schedule an evaluation by calling the front desk at 614-873-8749.

agility drills


There’s nothing quite like the heat of a competitive match to get your heart racing and really bring the sport of tennis to life! We’re proud to partner with the USTA for a range of exciting tennis tournaments all year round. Check out the information here and visit USTA for more details. If you have questions or are interested in details about entering one of the tournaments on the calendar, talk to one of our Pro Coaches or stop by the front desk.