10 Values your kids will learn from Playing Tennis

Tennis is not only  good for a child to help keep them active but also teaches many values that a child can carry with them throughout life. Here are just a few values your child can learn from the amazing sport of tennis:


1. Self-confidence

The game of tennis teaches children to trust themselves and their instincts. Making quick judgments on the court teaches children confidence.


2. Accept Responsibility

Tennis students learn responsibility through the commitment they make to their team. Showing up on time, bringing equipment, and being challenged to be the best they can be is a lesson in accountability and responsibility.

3. Problem Solving Skills

Tennis matches teach children problem solving skills. Just like any sports strategies, games don’t always go as planned and children will sometimes have to make decisions quickly to advance and win the game.


4. Sportsmanship

Learning to win some and lose some is part of any sport. Your child will experience this with tennis and it teaches them to treat other teams and winners with respect.


5. Improved Mental Strength

Tennis requires evaluation of serves and hits coming from multiple angles and directions, which takes a lot of concentration and mental horsepower. Your child will be able to develop this skill and take it beyond the court.

6. Dedication

Everyone knows practices makes perfect. Tennis is no different to become a better player your child will have to practice. Dedication to tennis will teach your children that hard work pays off, which can translate to their studies or other extracurriculars.


7. Improve Social Skills

Tennis, although not always a team sport requires children to work with others and communicate throughout practices.


8. Learn Strategy

Tennis requires a winning strategy and playbook during matches. If a child can capitalize on their strengths they can win the game, this is not only true for tennis but can be translated into any challenge in life.

9. Practice Honesty

Junior matches usually don’t have an umpire which requires children to call which balls are in or out. Coaches are there to guide your child into honesty. Honesty is a value any parent should want their child to possess.

10. Learn a Complex System

The tennis scoring system is very complex compared to other sports.  By playing tennis, children can learn math and apply their counting skills in the classroom.  

These ten values are great for any child to have and carry through life. At Elysium Tennis we encourage our players to uphold all of these values.