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Mighty Mites & Tiny Tots

Elysium Tennis offers programs for the littlest learners to step onto the court and learn about the benefits of tennis. Tennis is a technical game but lessons in the Mighty Mites and Tiny Tots programs can show kids how much fun it can be while also meeting other kids and building skills. Learn more about…

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Beginner Clinics

Beginner clinics are a great place to teach players with little to no tennis experience about the court, scorekeeping and necessary strokes to play a match. Learn more about beginner clinics and how to get started.   Tennis pro Dan states “if you have never played or have minimal experience, this is the place to…

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Dear Abby

I love playing outdoor tennis in the summer but I always feel like I struggle with the wind and the sun. I love the breeze and the beautiful sunshine but it affects my game negatively. Now it’s in my head! What should I do? Signed,  Wynn D. Weather Dear Wynn, Tennis outdoors is very different…

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