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What it Takes to Become a Ball Boy at the U.S. Open

This year’s U.S. Open was a thrill to watch with so many talented Pro Tennis Players.  We love it every year, of course.  But with so many young tennis players coming through our programs, we get asked a lot about how they choose the ball boys at the U.S. Open and other tennis tournaments.  It’s…

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The Central Ohio Paddle Fest was a Success

As many of you know we recently hosted the Central Ohio Paddle Fest in association with the PPTA.  It was a fun-filled event full of paddle tennis play, instruction from our certified paddle tennis pros, and an exhilarating exhibition match featuring our paddle pros, all with music, food, and so many wonderful people!  The event…

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Our Central Ohio Paddle Fest Kicks Off on September 18!

Here at Elysium Tennis, we’ve done a lot to promote our beloved Platform Tennis program, from offering a free intro lesson with a Paddle Pro to hosting open socials for interested members.  There’s something special about Paddle Tennis and our courts are the only ones in Columbus that are open to the public to enjoy.…

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