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Top Ten Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

Tennis is an excellent activity to help keep in shape at any age. The entire body and mind is worked which provides holistic benefits as people age. Enjoy some fresh air outdoors, hit a few balls and enjoy some of the benefits of playing tennis. Health Benefits of Playing Tennis Full body workout Tennis is…

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How to Become a Professional Tennis Player

The road to becoming a professional tennis player can feel daunting but doesn’t need to be that way. There are some challenges along the way but find out what it really takes to become a professional tennis player and see what possibilities open up.   Going Pro Athletically gifted player who have financial resources and…

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The Health Benefits of Tennis for Kids

More children are becoming involved in tennis at an earlier age. Children ages 10 and under use modified racks and balls on smaller courts to support transition into the game. The health benefits are great for children and teens who choose to play the game of tennis.   Growth Childhood is a time when kids…

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