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Healthy Snacks for Active Athletes

People who are serious about improving performance must eat frequently while finding healthy snacks to keep energy levels high and sugar and fat levels low. Snacking on the wrong foods can weigh a person down rather than build stamina. Active athletes need nutrient dense foods for optimal athletic performance. Fast-Paced World It may feel difficult…

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USTA Adult Tennis Leagues

Adult tennis leagues at Elysium are a great way to connect with others and build on existing skills or learn new ones to elevate game play on the court. Elysium is proud to offer adult tennis leagues recognized by the United States Tennis Association (USTA), the national governing body for the sport of tennis and…

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Don’t Hibernate: Stay Active This Winter!

Gym memberships are not the end all be all when it comes to getting into a winter workout. Staying in shape does not have to cost money every month and can be even more fun outdoors in nature. With a little creative spirit and basic equipment, it is possible to stay in shape all winter…

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