5 Reasons to Join us for Summer Beginner Clinics


It’s that time of year again and everyone at Elysium Tennis is gearing up for a great summer of leagues, tournaments, and training. One of the more fun things we do throughout the summer is train new tennis players in our special beginner tennis classes. It’s already almost June and our classes are almost full. In case you needed some extra encouragement to join our Saturday classes (the only ones still open), here are 5 reasons to attend a summer beginner class.

  1. Tennis is great exercise!

Summer time is when we all want to sweat off the winter blues by getting out and having some athletic fun. Tennis is one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do and it strengthens many muscle groups at once. Kids of all ages have a great time (and expend a lot of energy) at our summer tennis camps.

  1. Special Discounts on private lessons

Students enrolled in our summer beginner tennis camps get specialized discount pricing on private coaching with our tennis Pros right here at our facility. This one-on-one teaching is a priceless investment in a new tennis player’s technique and understanding of the game.

  1. You’ll be ahead of the curve for the Fall
    Many of your young members are joining tennis leagues at school this fall and there’s no better way to get them geared up and ahead of the curve than letting them spend time with our coaches and the other tennis players here at Elysium Tennis.
  2. Group classes are fun social outings
    Without school in session, summer can sometimes lack in social environments for young people, especially if the parents aren’t available to entertain. Let us take care of that. Beginner classes are a great time to have fun with friends.
  3. Pro Tips from our Elite Coaches
    Our coaching staff are all seasoned pros at tennis and excellent trainers for all skill levels. Spending time on the court with these teachers will allow you to soak up some great tips and training.

Now is the time to up your game and build a love of one of the greatest sports in the world.  Stop by the front desk or call in to sign up while classes are still open!