A Look Into Elysium’s In-House Doubles Leagues

in house doubles leagues

For those of you who are new to Elysium Tennis or a player who is looking to join a fun, social, but competitive group, we would like to spotlight our In-House Doubles Leagues.  We have many returning players to this league because not only is it a fun atmosphere, but the dynamics of the court make it a place where lifetime friendships are made.

The format of in-house doubles tennis leagues is such that you get to play with different people each week who are at a similar level.  This is achieved by using your previous week’s score to place you on a court the following week.  This keeps teams and matches balanced for skill level and experience so that everyone has a good time.


Women’s Doubles League:

3.0/3.5  Wednesday   9:30-11:30a    $20/wk.

3.5/4.0   Thursday       9:30-11:30a    $20/wk.

Men’s Doubles League:

4.0/4.5    Wednesday    8-10p             $20/wk

3.0/3.5     Thursday        8-10p             $20/wk

Mixed Doubles League:

7.5/8.0       Monday     7:30-9p             $17/wk


The leagues are a commitment from September-May and are billed monthly.

Please, email Linda McBride lmcbride@elysiumtennis.com
or call 614-873-8749 to reserve your spot!

As always, if you have questions about participation in our leagues or any other events at Elysium, call the front desk and get the scoop!