A Successful Battle of the Mudhole Platform Tennis Tournament

This past weekend, Elysium Tennis hosted the second annual “Battle at the Mudhole” platform (paddle) tennis tournament.  Some of the best players in Columbus and the state of Ohio participated as well as many local platform tennis enthusiasts.  It was a great success and lots of fun for everyone involved.
Platform tennis is always played as doubles and we had a full 16 team draw, which made for aIMG952015071195104814431 great day of competitive paddle.  Two of the four teams to reach the semi-finals, Dan Morneau- Klint McEnery and Mark Barry- Jake Wilson are tennis and paddle tennis pros here at Elysium.  Barry- Wilson made it through to the finals before losing to a very good team from Cincinnati and the number one seeds Doug Jones- Kyle Bates.
You can check out pictures of the event taken by Scott Gerber at www.platformtenniszone.com