Beginner Clinics

Beginner clinics are a great place to teach players with little to no tennis experience about the court, scorekeeping and necessary strokes to play a match. Learn more about beginner clinics and how to get started.


Tennis pro Dan states “if you have never played or have minimal experience, this is the place to get started and learn about the game.”



Mighty Mites is designed with the youngest players in mind (5-7 years old). Basic skills and techniques are taught in a fun, encouraging environment. Foam tennis balls are used which are slower and lighter for new learners. Racquets for Mighty Mites range from 19”-23.” The court size is just right for beginners at 36’x18’ wide with a net height of 2’9.”


Students are placed by skill level. Several class times and age groups are available including the following:


Future Stars: This group is composed of young children ages 8-10. The focus and goal of this program is to support development of the sport, have fun and practice technical skills. The following are some of the basics taught during the program:

  • Start using real tennis balls instead of foam balls
  • Focus on technique and basic skills of the game
  • Go over grips, handling of ball and racquet, swings, additional footwork
  • Learn to keep score, explore areas of the court, learn strokes to play a match including a serve
  • Program is offered up to 2 days per week


Super Stars: This group is composed of youth ages 10-12. The focus of this program is to offer kids an opportunity to do point play, a step above Future Stars. The following are also included:

  • Point play opportunities in addition to clinics where kids can play games against other kids
  • Pro will be present on court with kids
  • Same skills as mentioned previously including grip, handling of ball and racquet, swing, footwork and use of court
  • Two clinics offered on 2 days per week
  • Kids in group can sign up for additional point play group to play against other kids in the program from either the Tuesday or Saturday group in the additional point play group


All Stars: This group is designed for kids in middle and high school to further hone skills mentioned above and the following will be focused on:

  • Grips
  • Technique
  • Two clinics and point play opportunity within this age category to gain further skills


Tennis lessons are focused on skills and technique but also require the appropriate gear. The following are required and recommended items for students at Elysium Tennis:


  • Clear, non-marking soled tennis shoes, preferably designed specifically for tennis courts
  • No running shoes allowed
  • Tennis racquet with child’s name
  • Water bottle (beverages available for purchase at Elysium)


The next step is to move from the Beginner program to Junior Select. In order to progress, students must:

  • Use proper grips
  • Have proper technical skills and technique
  • Hit with some consistency and accuracy
  • Position the ball, use proper strokes and volley with opponent