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How to String a Tennis Racket

By Elysium Staff | Oct 14, 2015 | Comments Off on How to String a Tennis Racket

Your main equipment on the tennis court is your racket, so ensuring you have a properly strung one is critical to playing a good game. Elysium Tennis offers convenient, fast, and reliable tennis racket stringing services. However, if you’re more of the ‘do it yourself’ type, it is possible to string a tennis racket on…


Get Your Footwork Right

By Elysium Staff | Oct 5, 2015 | Comments Off on Get Your Footwork Right

Wanting to improve or advance your tennis game? Making sure you’re practicing the proper footwork is necessary to get you around the court with efficiency, and keep you on point and ready for the next ball coming your way. “Staying on your toes” is not just a saying when on the court; it’s how you…


Share the Love this Saturday at our Make a Wish Benefit!

By Elysium Staff | Sep 16, 2015 | Comments Off on Share the Love this Saturday at our Make a Wish Benefit!

Share the Love Benefiting Make a Wish Saturday, September 19th 7pm Elysium Tennis We’ve got a soft spot for kids here at Elysium Tennis so an opportunity to host a charity event for the Make a Wish Foundation can’t be missed. Join us for this amazing charity event, featuring 8 active tennis courts here at…


What to Look for in Athletic Apparel

By Elysium Staff | Sep 12, 2015 | Comments Off on What to Look for in Athletic Apparel

Every year manufacturers spend millions of dollars on the research of human biomechanics in an effort to design and create apparel for the sports enthusiast. Because what you, the athlete, choose to put on your body and feet will ultimately affect your game and your overall health. Combating Heat When temperatures rise, wearing 100% cotton…


Why You Need Quality Tennis Shoes

By Elysium Staff | Sep 8, 2015 | Comments Off on Why You Need Quality Tennis Shoes

In the exciting world of tennis, choosing your workout attire is almost as important as choosing your racket. From flexible, breathable clothing to properly fitted shoes, careful consideration of what goes on your body will go a long way toward enhancing your performance and preventing injuries. When possible, purchase your athletic shoes from a specialty…


Head in the Game: The Importance of Mental Focus

By Elysium Staff | Aug 28, 2015 | Comments Off on Head in the Game: The Importance of Mental Focus

Stepping onto the tennis court without a clear head could be detrimental to not only your game, but to your safety as well. Past events such as lost games, missed opportunities, or worrying about that bill you forgot to pay don’t have any business being your center of focus when you are playing the game.  Negative…


Know Your Tennis Rackets

By Elysium Staff | Aug 20, 2015 | Comments Off on Know Your Tennis Rackets

So, you’ve decided to take up tennis. You’re all set with breathable, comfortable clothes and shoes, and your lessons have been booked, but what about the star of the game? The tool that will help you win or lose. The racket. Tennis Rackets can be found in three basic types: control, power, and in-between. It’s…


How to Handle Tennis Elbow

By Elysium Staff | Aug 13, 2015 | Comments Off on How to Handle Tennis Elbow

A common term for a painful condition that can develop in your elbow by overusing arms, forearms, and hand muscles is tennis elbow. Affecting nearly half of tennis players during their career, this condition is most often seen between the ages of 30 and 50, and is more prevalent in males. About 3% of the…


Choosing the Right Tennis Instructor

By Elysium Staff | Aug 10, 2015 | Comments Off on Choosing the Right Tennis Instructor

Finding a good Tennis instructor or coach can be difficult. Often times, they are former college or high school players who might look good hitting a ball, but in actuality, have little to no experience teaching how to hit that ball. Part of attaining certification from the Pro Tennis Registry (PTR) or US Pro Tennis…


Stay Hydrated Out There!

By Elysium Staff | Jul 20, 2015 | Comments Off on Stay Hydrated Out There!

  The beautiful city of Columbus, OH is typically characterized by hot, muggy summers with average highs in the eighties. However, record triple digit temps were recorded in the 1930’s. June July   Aug Sept Record high 102   106   103   100 Avg high      81.6 84.9 83.7 77 Avg low       61.5…