Elysium Tennis provides opportunities for young people to advance knowledge of tennis and skills while playing at a competitive level appropriate for the students age and skill set. Learn more about placement in the Challenge program and requirements for play.


Getting Started

The Challenge group is designed with Middle School and High school players in mind who have played in a school team and United States Tennis Association (USTA) sanctioned tournaments. Players in this group are able to rally consistently from the baseline, use correct grips and have a solid foundation. Goals of the group are to continue enhanced development and compete at a higher level of play.

Some of the requirements to participate include:

  • Evaluation
  • Use of correct grips and technique
  • Good work ethic
  • Ability to listen to coaches
  • Participation on the Varsity High School team in the past year OR
  • Has 15 United States Tennis Association (USTA) sanctioned tournament match wins


The Challenger group is separate from the High School group in that it is based on evaluation and level. An Elysium pro will need to conduct an evaluation of a player’s skills prior to admittance into the group to ensure the student is really ready for the extra challenges of participation.



An Elysium pro will evaluate a player’s skills based on the above criteria but more focused on the technical skills as well. A player who is in this group is ready for a high level commitment to the game of tennis and is willing to work hard to hone the following skills:

  • Understand strategy of game play and is elevating play to the next level
  • Skills leave little question in terms of technique and scoring ability
  • Builds on basics of tennis
  • Goal is to begin tournament play
  • Grips must be correct
  • Footwork must be appropriate
  • Recovers well after shots
  • Able to follow specific instructions and directions
  • Controls ball well
  • Rallies back and forth
  • Keeps score back and forth


Moving Up

Players interested in moving up into other programs at Elysium may benefit from the opportunity to play clinics offered at the club as well as utilize coaches for personal one-on-one training. Conditioning to keep in good physical shape will be important for students who wish to excel in this program as tournament play can be very demanding physically. Players must demonstrate emotional toughness and ability to stay focused on the game, skills and opponent to get the most benefit from the program. Elysium Pro Dan suggests players in this program must demonstrate proficiency through “participation on the Varsity High School team or will have won 15 USTA tournament matches prior to admittance to be sure the player is sufficiently proficient enough to participate.” The goal for Elysium is to prepare players for competitive play and encourage mastery of skill at a higher level according to each student’s abilities and desires.