Columbus Tennis Instructor Kevin Hornik

We’ve got a thriving staff of seasoned tennis pros here at Elysium Tennis.  These are people with a variety of professional coaching backgrounds that are always glad to offer guidance and training to new tennis players of all skill levels.  In the interest of introducing you to some of these talented tennis instructors, we’ll feature them regularly here on our blog.


This month we’re proud to spotlight one of Elysium’s Co-Founders, a Seasoned Tennis Player, and our Director of Junior Development;




When Kevin was 12 years old, he and his brother would alleviate their boredom by wandering over to a nearby tennis court, just a couple doors down from their house. The owners of the court doled out lessons to the boys in their free time and, despite no prior training or tournaments, Kevin quickly picked up the sport.  He went on to play tennis at Hilliard High School and Ohio Dominican University.


Kevin worked at just about every tennis club in Columbus over the years, including Tower Tennis, which he and co-founder Brian Heil purchased in January of 2007 to create Elysium Tennis.  They moved into the space in middle of a blizzard in March of 2008. “Well, Beth and Sara moved us in,” Kevin laughs. “I was at the birth of my daughter at the time.”


Kevin has three daughters, two of whom play tennis regularly and the youngest is getting her start this summer.  “They’re getting an earlier start than me,” Kevin notes with the smile of a father who enjoys passing on the lessons of his favorite sport to his girls.  It’s this spirit that Kevin applies to his role as Director of Junior Development at Elysium where he works with all of the staff pros to get each and every kid on their own path to success.  Kevin offers private lessons, administers the junior clinics, and oversees the other instructors in their curriculum.  His students know him by his signature advice, “Don’t be an idiot on the court.”


Kevin’s current love is Platform tennis, which he picked up while his wife was attending law school leaving him to entertain himself on his own. “I can be more competitive with a wider variety of players in paddle,” Kevin told us.  While there are a variety of skill levels, paddle tennis allows everyone to play competitively together.  He and Brian are committed to making Elysium the #1 paddle tennis facility in central Ohio and they’re already comfortably seated at the top of the heap as the only paddle facility open to the public in Columbus with a staff of 5 of the only 6 certified platform tennis pros in the city.


“We’re doing what we can to keep the sport alive and thriving in Columbus and, of course, keeping these amazing team members employed,” Kevin tells us with a chuckle. “I’d like to see us keep up with the times and evolve with the sport as it changes. Teaching the next generation of players is our big contribution to the game.”

To register for a private tennis lesson with Kevin or to inquire about the Junior Development programs at Elysium Tennis, contact our front desk.  

As always, See you on the Court!