Columbus Tennis Instructor Klint McEnery

We’ve got a thriving staff of seasoned tennis pros here at Elysium Tennis.  These are people with a variety of professional coaching backgrounds that are always glad to offer guidance and training to new tennis players of all skill levels.  In the interest of introducing you to some of these talented tennis instructors, we’ll feature them regularly here on our blog.


This month we’re proud to spotlight one of Elysium’s longest standing tennis instructors;


Klint McEnery


Klint has been playing tennis since he was 4 years old and teaching professionally since 2005.  As a kid, Klint’s brother was really into tennis so their parents encouraged Klint to take lessons to keep up. He ended up loving it and went on to play at Bishop Waterson High School and Ohio Northern University, where he ranked 1st in singles and doubles for 4 years.


Klint’s teaching experience goes back more than a decade where he was the Wellington School Varsity Boy’s and Girl’s Tennis Coach from 2005 to 2009 before coming to Elysium.  At our facility, Klint can be found teaching just about everything, from beginner clinics all the way up to our Elite competitors. His students know he’ll be tough on them but that’s what it takes to grow. “There’s no replacement for hard work,” Klint tells them nearly every class. “If you want to get better than your opponents, you have to work harder than they do on and off the court.”


Klint’s teaching style is an inspiration to his students and he’s an avid platform tennis player in his free time. He also enjoys running and visiting the Columbus Zoo with his family– 2 boys and a girl on the way.  We’re very happy to have had Klint at Elysium for the past 8 years and hope to keep him for many more.


If you’d like to train with Klint or sign up for one of his private lessons,                           speak to the front desk.

As always, we’ll see you on the court!