Dear Abby


I love playing outdoor tennis in the summer but I always feel like I struggle with the wind and the sun.

I love the breeze and the beautiful sunshine but it affects my game negatively.

Now it’s in my head! What should I do?


Wynn D. Weather

Dear Wynn,

Tennis outdoors is very different than playing indoors, so you are not alone in your struggle! A perfect toss indoors may be taken by the wind or be placed directly into the sun outdoors and can be a nightmare! A regular lob can be pushed into the fence or a forehand crosscourt can be ten feet wide due to the wind. All players on the court will battle the elements so I advise rather than fight them, use them! It involves some awareness on changeovers on what shots will be effective so you will have to make note of what shots will work on one side and maybe not the other. An easy example would be to hit more lobs than you may normally like to if the sun is directly in your opponents eyes! You may have to overcome the same obstacles when you are on the side but if it makes you uncomfortable, chances are they will be too, so use the elements to your advantage.

You may not be able to make your shots “better” in the middle of a heated battle but you can make them smarter if you are aware of your surroundings!

Hope this helps!