Elysium Tennis offers a program for more advanced young students who already understand basic skills and are seeking an advanced understanding of game play. Older students who have played for awhile may enjoy this next step. Learn more about the Developmental program and whether it is right for your child.


Getting Started

A student who has basic skills mastered will enjoy the Developmental program. Competitive play is a part of the next step in learning tennis with a supportive coach and group of players interested in more advanced work.

Some additional requirements for this program include:

  • Evaluation
  • Must make Middle School team
  • Understand and utilize proper grips and technique
  • Play Bernard Master Series tournaments
  • Play Level 6 Tournaments
  • Recommended by Elysium Pro


Building Skills

The goal of the developmental program is to focus on enhancing already developed technique and skills. The pre-developmental program usually is a precursor to the work done in the developmental group, but not necessarily. It is important to speak with an Elysium pro to receive an evaluation and decide whether this program is a good fit for any player looking at the program.

Some of the goals built through this program include:

  • Begin tournament play on a more regular basis
  • Average 1-2 tournaments per month (average)
  • Demonstrate handle on proper technique
  • Be evaluated on skills throughout the program, especially for entry into and exit out of program into the next level


Moving Up

A player in this program will practice advanced skills in the following areas in order to transition from the pre-developmental program.

  • Evaluation of skills in clinic
  • Building on basics of tennis to advance skillset
  • Tournament play begins on more consistent basis
  • Correct grips and footwork very important to build on skillwise
  • Demonstrate control of the ball to hit at specific spots
  • Serve, return, play points with consistency
  • Able to keep score back and forth
  • Play beginner level tournaments


Exceeding Expectations

Elysium strives to excel at teaching players exceptional skills while enjoying the game of tennis. Clinics are provided throughout the week including point play with players within the same program to build on existing skills, learn new ones, meet other players and practice play in a competitive environment. Since beginner’s level tournaments will become the norm for players in this group, students are expected to build technical skills, hone conditioning skills through some opportunities for personal training and private lessons with Elysium pros and spend time throughout the week practicing learned skills on the court. Students who wish to advance will do so only after an evaluation is conducted by an Elysium pro.