Don’t Hibernate: Stay Active This Winter!

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Gym memberships are not the end all be all when it comes to getting into a winter workout. Staying in shape does not have to cost money every month and can be even more fun outdoors in nature. With a little creative spirit and basic equipment, it is possible to stay in shape all winter long. Here are some low-cost ideas to stay fit outside the gym this season.


Running or walking up and down stairs can be a high intensity cardio and leg workout. One option is to add walking intervals every few hours. Leave the stairwell and walk the length of the hallway and back before resuming the ascent. Kick it up a notch by taking two steps at a time, sprinting a few flights or doing jumping jacks in between floors to raise the intensity level.

Running or Walking Outside

Getting outdoors can be as easy as lacing up that favorite pair of sneaks and taking off down the pavement. While not everyone may enjoy long distance jogging or running, walking can also be a low intensity, effective alternative to saving impact on the joints and still seeing the benefit of exercise: reduced stress, lowered anxiety and fresh air from nature.

Additional Exercises

Some of the following activities can provide additional exercise and a way to get outside and moving during the cooler winter months:

  • Ice skating for an aerobic and social workout
  • Join a team which is friendly or competitive in nature. Check out park districts or gym spaces to see what’s available
  • Mall walking can elevate a person’s heart rate and burn a few hundred calories while having fun window shopping
  • Home workouts are a fun, quick and easy way to squeeze in workouts when time is of the essence or bad weather is swirling around outside

Social Activities

One of the best ways to exercise is dancing. This can be done at home or at dance lessons with friends or family. Turn up the volume to some favorite songs and dance. Play current songs while making dinner or turn the living room into an indoor dance studio with kids for fun family interaction.

Another way to enjoy the outdoors and get exercise is by finding a local park or field to do some hiking (with the right boots) or rent equipment for the day. Running, jogging and playing in the snow with kids, pets or other friends can be a fun way to explore creative activities outside. Freshly fallen snow is always exciting no matter the age so why not try to get out and have some fun while burning calories.

Play Paddle Tennis, of course!

Obviously our favorite way to stay active and healthy throughout the cold, dreary winter months is to play paddle here on the heated outdoor courts of Elysium. We have a range of paddle tennis leagues and court times throughout the winter months and we encourage you to jump in and participate! It’s fun, active, and easy to learn.

For an intro to paddle tennis, give us a call and schedule some court time!