Elysium Compass Draw Tournaments – Guidelines and Procedures

Elysium Compass Draw Tournaments


General Guidelines and Procedures


  1. The USTA Midwest awards full Midwest Section and Ohio Valley points to all placers (first, second, third, fourth), and points for all players for all matches won in all consolation matches.
  2. A full draw will consist of 16 players in the boys division and 16 players in the girls division – with each player playing two matches on each day.
  3. If more than 16 players register for the tournament, per USTA Midwest rules, the highest ranked 16 players will be selected to play in the tournament. Those not selected to play will become the list of alternates we will contact if a player withdraws.
  4. Those not selected to play will not be charged for the tournament.
  5. Should there be any withdrawals due to emergencies, injuries or illness, the next highest ranked player will be contacted to take the vacated spot and play.
  6. Seeding – Players will be selected for play, and then seeded, using the most recently published USTA Midwest Standings List.
  7. All players are responsible for checking the draws online to get their individual match starting times.
  8. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled match time in order to check in at the tournament desk.
  9. If we have open courts, and both players are present, we will put players on court and start matches early. Be early if you want to start early.
  10. Matches are best 2 out of 3 sets, with regular scoring, with a match tie break being used in place of the third set.
  11. If players split sets, the players are allowed a three minute break between the second and third set. This is only time coaching is allowed.
  12. At 6 all in either of the first two sets, use the set tie break to determine the set winner. (Set tie break is the first player to reach 7 points, by a 2 point margin)
  13. If the players split sets, we will use the match tie break in place of the third set to determine the match winner. (The match tie break is the same as the set tie break except for the winner will be the first player to win 10 points, by a 2 point margin).
  14. There will be roving USTA referees observing the matches, ask them any question if you are uncertain of what you should do.
  15. There is a ten minute warm up for matches, including serves. Warm up’s are not practices, so keep things moving, including serves, so play may start in the allotted ten minutes.
  16. All players need to check in for their second, third and fourth round matches. That is the only way the directors know the player is ready for competition.
  17. Be ready to go on court when you check in, we need to keep the matches moving so we can finish each evening at a reasonable hour.

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