Elysium Tennis Pro Lesson 1: Split Step

Elysium Tennis Pro Lesson 1: Split Step

Elysium Tennis is home to some of the most experienced tennis pros in the region and we’re proud to offer their expertise to our members and guests with a monthly video series of Tennis Pro Lessons. Tune in on our YouTube Channel each month for a new bit of insight from Tennis Pros, Brian Heil and Kevin Hornik.

This month, we’re focusing on the Split Step.

The spit step is the most underrated, under-taught part of tennis yet the most important movement during a match. The split step comes with 3 important breakdowns:


Learning the timing of a split step is something you should familiarize. As soon as the ball is struck by the opponent, you should immediately split step to prepare for a return.

Drop Down

After familiarizing yourself with timing, the next step is dropping down for a proper stance. The drop down prepares your body for your next movement following the ball.


Being consistent with doing a split step every time your opponent strikes the ball is key. Be sure to perform the split step every time your opponent has contact with the ball and notice your skills improve.


Stay tuned for the next tennis lesson from Coaches Brian and Kevin in March!!

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