Elysium Tennis Pro Lesson 2: Trophy Pose

Lesson 2: Trophy Pose

Our Elysium Tennis Pros, Brian and Kevin, have launched a monthly Tennis Tips video series available on YouTube and our Facebook page to help you improve your game with time-honored tips and strategies in the world of tennis. If you didn’t catch last month’s Lesson from the Pros, check it out! This month, our guys explore the Trophy Pose.

Learning a proper trophy pose is a key component to ensuring a perfect serve. Your serve is the only shot you have complete control over, so knowing the breakdown of trophy pose is crucial. From developing a routine, correcting your body position, and transferring your weight, you’ll be sure to master the trophy pose.



Let’s breakdown three important steps for trophy pose:

Develop a Routine

Most individuals have a routine they perform before each serve, preparing them to inter trophy pose. Your routine could consist of bouncing the ball to help get in the serving mindset.

Correct Body Position

Getting in the right body position prepares you for aiming your serve. The proper body position consists of left arm straight, angled towards the sky while holding the ball. Your right arm holding the racket is pulled behind the head at a 90 degree angle. Your stance should be wide, yet comfortable.

Weight Transfer Forward

After addressing your target with your eyes, it’s time to start the serve. While following through the toss, your body weight should release forward putting power behind the ball.



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