Explode Into Your Set with Agility Drills

Practice makes perfect, so a professional, or anyone who is serious about a hobby or skill, does just that, they practice. They run drills. This is especially important in the sports world for ensuring your overall health, and game, are top notch.

In the game of tennis, agility drills are encouraged for developing a quickness of foot by decreasing the amount of time your foot is in contact with the ground; basically, overall increasing a player’s agility. A great base drill to use for improving agility is a ladder drill. Using the basic idea, you can change up the footwork to challenge yourself and stay sharp. You can work the ladder from bottom to top or even from the sides while doing combinations of forward and back shuffle type steps. When possible, getting on a court to practice with assorted cone drills can assist in developing those explosive first steps, too.

Whatever type of drill you choose to practice with, you’ll want to remember these three key points to avoid injury or mishap:

  1. Stay balanced and low throughout the entire drill.
  2. Load your hip for an explosive first step.
  3. Decelerate when you’re going backward.


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