Get your kids excited to play tennis!

Oftentimes tennis gets overlooked as a great sport for children and instead parents choose soccer or baseball. Tennis is a great choice for your child and can help kids improve in other sports as well. Tennis does not require a team and many cities have many public courts available. Not to mention tennis racquets and balls can be purchased for less than $20.00! Getting your child started in tennis is easy and he or she will enjoy the sport for a lifetime!

As a parent you can get your kids excited about the game by reminding them how much fun they will have playing the sport and remind them that this is a good opportunity for them to make friends. Allowing them to pick out their new equipment and gear is another way to get your children excited about their tennis lessons!

Many coaches in the United States are implementing new teaching techniques from Europe called the “10 and Under tennis methodology”. This new approach focuses on children having more free play rather than skill drills throughout a lesson. So instead of a practice consisting of drill after drill children are getting to learn by playing the game of tennis, which allows them to learn through trial and error and have fun in the process! This new coaching method allows kids to be active the whole lesson and gives them more interaction with other players which translates to more fun!

Here a few ways you can get your child excited about tennis:

1) Teach and play.  Take time to play and hit a few balls with your child and be sure to make the environment fun. It is important to have the appropriate equipment for children. Children should should start with a 19” or 21” racquet, which can be bought online from our pro shop and in sporting goods stores for around $15.00. It’s also a good idea to start with red balls that move at 25 percent of conventional tennis ball speed, available for around $3.00 or a multi-pack.

2) Once child shows interest in the sport find a pro.

Our tennis pros are certified by the Professional Tennis Registry and/or have played tennis at the collegiate level. A club membership isn’t necessary to begin lessons at Elysium. Getting your child started in one of our a kid-friendly programs is a great next step.

3) Gauge your child’s tennis lessons and interest.

Ask your child if they are having fun. It is not uncommon for children to struggle at the beginning but be sure they are enjoying their lessons!

At Elysium we strive to make tennis an enjoyable sport for children of all ages and we even have special events and pizza parties to create an exciting atmosphere where your child will want to keep coming back!