Handling Yourself on the Paddle Court

Paddle tennis is a fun sport that many people enjoy playing in the winter. The heated court and durable materials make it the perfect cold weather sport and the fact that the rules are very similar to regular tennis make it easy to learn and understand. If you are new to the sport, you may have some questions or be nervous about your first few matches.If you are going to give paddle tennis a try, these tips can help you handle yourself on the paddle court.


Grip Variations


Continental Grip

For this grip, the top knuckle of the index finger on the right bevel and the index finger and thumb create a “V”. If the player is left handed, the top knuckle of the index finger is on left bevel and the finger and thumb of the left hand make a “V”.


Eastern Backhand Grip

This grip is similar to the Continental grip; the hand rotates one bevel so that the index finger is on the top bevel. Left handed players can do the same thing.


Serving Tips


  • When you release the ball, lift your arm slowly.


  • Swing to hit the ball up and over the net, never swing the racquet downward.


  • Never toss the ball higher than you can swing your paddle.


  • Don’t hold the racquet too tightly and let your wrist relax.


  • Always practice your serve before you play.


  • Make sure you are gripping the racquet properly.


Moving Around The Court

When you play paddle tennis, you will need to move around the court a lot. You should always stretch before a game to avoid pulling a muscle. Moving around before each match will keep you more agile and help you move better on the court. You can mimic the moves you make during a game or do a few exercises to warm up your muscles and give you more energy to use during your game.


Working With Your Partner

When you play paddle tennis, you will have a teammate. You need to be able to work well with your player in order to win your matches. Most partners learn to read each others and predict the next play, but if you are new the sport or if you and your teammate don’t get to play together often, you will need to have good communication skills and a plan before each match. You have to be able to work together or else you won’t be successful as a team on the court.

If you are new to paddle tennis, it can be a little difficult to master the game at first. Just remember everyone was once new to the sport and struggled with many of the same things as you. These tips can help you improve your game and handle yourself better on the paddle court. Remember the more you practice, the better you will become.