Head in the Game: The Importance of Mental Focus

Stepping onto the tennis court without a clear head could be detrimental to not only your game, but to your safety as well. Past events such as lost games, missed opportunities, or worrying about that bill you forgot to pay don’t have any business being your center of focus when you are playing the game

Negative worries will only serve to stress you out and break your concentration. Should this happen, you’re more likely to misstep and damage an ankle or fail to set up a swing properly and suddenly you’ve got bigger problems.  It’s important to keep your focus on the game and the ball. Let everything else go so that it doesn’t get in the way of your swing.


Positivity is the Name of the Game

Your own attitude plays a huge part in how well you do on the court. If you step into a game wanting to win, no matter what happens, then chances are you’re going to do well. Believe in yourself. Last minute points are infamous for changing outcomes, so don’t worry about the score until the end.

Just play the game one point at a time.

Also, establishing a regular routine of taking care of your mental and physical health will help ensure your brain and your feet are ready to react at a moment’s notice . . . or lob of the ball. The fun and friendly staff at Elysium Tennis care about your well-being as much as your game. Give us a call or come by. Check out our Pro shop. Talk to our professional instructors. Make friends, get moving, and life live.