High School

Elysium Tennis provides advanced programs for high school students with goals of making the team. Students who want to elevate game play and enjoy a competitive atmosphere will find the program both challenging and rewarding. Learn more about our high school program for youth tennis players.


Getting Started

The High School program emphasizes advanced skills and competitive play. Players will focus on doubles strategies, learn basic positioning skills, and learn to compete and play points with focus and purpose.

Some requirements to participate in the program include:

  • Evaluation by an Elysium pro
  • Learn correct grips of the racquet
  • Good, strong work ethic on the court
  • Willingness and ability to listen to coaches and take direction
  • Minimum requirement of placement on school Junior Varsity (JV) or entering high school
  • Goals to make Varsity team


Building Skills

The focus of the program for high school students is on technical abilities and work ethic. Students are evaluated based on the following criteria which must be present in order to move forward in the program:

  • Serve, play points with consistency and accuracy
  • Follow specific directions
  • Build technical skills including ball control
  • Start tournament play
  • Rally back and forth with opponent
  • Players will focus on doubles play strategies
  • Positioning skills very important on the court for consistent play
  • Students must have a goal of making the high school team
  • Less focus on tournaments


Moving Forward

Students who play in the high school program are interested in building technical skills towards consistency in the game but also want to have fun. Tennis is a demanding sport but is also one which brings enjoyment and thrill of the game to those who play. Elysium strives to instill in players a specific focus on being able to play well while enjoying the game. Doubles strategies will be a large part of the high school program which is a shift from other programs for younger players. Players should be prepared to consider additional conditioning and private coaching opportunities available through Elysium. Tennis pro Dan at Elysium states “students who take on private coaching and conditioning perform well on the court. Although not a requirement, many players decide to do so in order to build skills and master the game.”


To play the game of tennis is to find out that it is a demanding, engaging sport with many facets. Elysium strives to provide a safe learning environment for all students while also engaging young players in building skills necessary to move into more elite groups if so desired. Pros at Elysium provide stellar service and top notch training to provide players with excellent opportunities to grow and learn in the sport of tennis. Interested students must go through an evaluation with an Elysium pro before moving into more elite groups offered at the club.