How to Become a Professional Tennis Player

The road to becoming a professional tennis player can feel daunting but doesn’t need to be that way. There are some challenges along the way but find out what it really takes to become a professional tennis player and see what possibilities open up.


Going Pro

Athletically gifted player who have financial resources and opportunity are what most people picture when thinking of going pro in tennis. People who experience some limitations or disadvantages must work to overcome such restrictions in order to understand how to succeed. Thousands of players may rank lower and still make a living playing the game of tennis, if that is the goal.


Believe in Possibility

One of the biggest challenges to individuals going pro is a personal philosophy. When young people learn through text books that making it as a pro is nearly impossible and do not teach the skills necessary to play at that level, it is hard to make the people believe in possibility. Players who learn introductory methods incorrectly will be challenged to rank up later to pro. Learning a methodology which is focused on possibility and teachers desire, dedication and determination with the right skills makes it more possible to hone in on skills later needed to advance to the professional ranks.


Key Elements

Many criteria exist which players must meet in order to turn pro in tennis. While financial resources to take lessons, play in travel tournaments and such are helpful, this is not as critical as many believe. Having a vision which focuses on excellence is the best way to teach tennis to a player dedicated to the craft. Every junior player who makes pro has the following:

  • Sincere desire to play tennis
  • Focused intentionality to learn the game and practice
  • No excuses for playing



Having desire for the sport means nothing or no other person will prevent an individual from doing what is necessary to reach certain goals. Players with desire to go pro will practice diligently, make sacrifices to be the best and work to become the top of one’s field. Most individuals with a burning desire to attain a goal such as professional tennis rank are unstoppable on the court. Making tennis the number one priority will be challenging but is necessary to move up the ranks. Once a player understands how to balance desire and goal setting, the rest of the journey becomes the reward and icing on the cake. Understanding the game is crucial but desire cannot be taught. It is a burning fire to understand and play the game, move beyond failure and reach one’s true potential. This is the hallmark of a true tennis pro.