How To Sign Your Child Up For Their First Junior Tennis Tournament

If you have a child who loves to play tennis, he or she may enjoy being competitive and participating in a junior tennis tournament. Several of these tournaments are held right here at Elysium and children can choose to compete locally or travel and compete against other junior tennis players from around the country. If you think your child is ready to play in a tournament, you can sign him or her up at Elysium Tennis.


Talk To An Instructor

If you child has been taking tennis lessons, your child’s coach or instructor knows better than anyone if your child is ready to compete against others. Before you sign your child up for a tournament, talk to his or her coach to see if the child is ready and what can be expected during a tournament. The coach can also help your child prepare for a tournament and may even accompany him or her there and coach from the sidelines.


Consider Your Child’s Age

Not all children are old enough to compete in a tennis tournament, regardless of their skill level. Make sure your child is the right age to enter a junior tennis tournament and make sure you enter him or her in the right age category. If you are confused about the age requirements or the entry rules, talk to a tournament host or as your child’s tennis coach to help you register him or her for the tournament.


Understand How The Tournament Works

Every tournament will be different and although many of them are set up the same, you will need to read the rules and program of each one. You can usually find information about a tournament online or at the tournament venue. You should also find out when your child plays and what court or courts he or she will be playing on. This will help you plan your day and ensure that your child is not late for a match and that you don’t miss anything.


Preparing Your Child

As the tournament date approaches, you should make sure your child is properly prepared. Make sure he or she has the right clothing and gear, is eating right and getting plenty of rest and sleep. Your child needs to go into a tournament with a clear head so he or she can be focuses on each mat and have a better chance at winning. You should also make sure your child knows what to expect and feels confident about the tournament.

If you have a child who plays tennis and is ready to take it to the next level, you may want to register him or her for a junior tennis tournament. Watching your child succeed in the sport can be very fulfilling and will help improve your child’s confidence and help make him or her a better player. Elysium Tennis can help prepare your child for a tournament. Find out how today.