Improve your Tennis Swing with these Simple Tips

Are you looking to make improvements to your tennis swing here in Columbus and want some simple tips to work on when you hit the courts?   Keep a few of these pointers in mind and let us know what kind of improvements you see in your form.



Get Ready for that Hit!

For starters, always remember to keep your racquet held back in anticipation of the next swing.  You only have a split second to respond when the ball leaves your opponent’s racquet.  It’s important to stay positioned for a clean shot.

Before you move toward an incoming shot, remember these tips:

  1. Ensure the shot is coming to your forehand side.
  1. Maintain a balanced sideways stance that affords you the best position to receive the incoming shot.  Keep your non-dominant hand extended for balance in anticipation of the swing.
  1. Keep an open space between the ball and your body so you have enough room to complete the swing.   You should be making contact with the ball at waist height.  If it’s below this level, bend with the knees, not the waist.
  1. Move the racquet toward the incoming ball with a comfortable swing.  Don’t bend or over-extend the elbow or wrist.
  1. Actual contact with the ball should happen somewhere around your front foot.  The face of the racquet must remain square or flat with the connecting ball.  Rotate your shoulder through the full swing and past the point of contact.


Follow Through!


Many poor swings are the result of insufficient follow-through.  Whether forehand or backhand, you want to complete an entire swing of the arm and rotation of the shoulder to get the appropriate arcing motion that elevates the point of contact with the ball enough to give it a solid smack.   A smooth swing must have a smooth follow-through.

A good follow-through involves:

  1. Giving the ball enough lift to clear the net while maintaining a fixed arm and wrist.
  2. Completing a full shoulder rotation means your chest is facing the target at final position.
  3. Your racquet remains perpendicular to the floor across the entire swing.
  4. Plant the back toe and lift the hell to give you the pivot and thrust momentum of the leg muscles.


All of these tips will give you plenty to work on when you’re on the court but the most important thing that will improve your swing is consistent practice practice practice!  If you’re interested in private tennis lessons with someone from our talented coaching staff, give us a call or ask at the front desk.

See you on the court!