Junior Select

Elysium Tennis provides a Junior Select program for Elite/advanced beginners who have a strong fundamental base in the game of tennis. The focus of the program is to build on fundamentals, begin to play live ball points with a focus on consistency and accuracy. The overall goal for students in this program is to advance into the Pre-developmental group. Learn more about Junior Select tennis and requirements to qualify for participation.



Junior Select players are dedicated to the sport of tennis and bettering themselves. Play at this level requires a high level of focus, determination and a dedicated work ethic.  

Players in the Junior Select  program must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Evaluation prior to joining the group by Elysium Pro
  • Clinics provided which are 1 hour, 30 minutes in length and cost $30
  • One hour match play is offered on the weekend
  • Players must be a junior member and pay a fee of $150 for the year
  • Enrollment fee is required of $100 to be placed into the program

Work Hard, Play Hard

The program for Junior Select players is designed for those who demonstrate the characteristics of a strong tennis player who want to advance skills on the court and build technical abilities with the ball and racquet. The following skills will be evaluated by an Elysium Pro prior to admittance and will also be evaluated throughout the program and prior to entry into the Pre-developmental or other programs:

  • Correct grips of the racquet
  • Able to serve and play points
  • Proper footwork
  • General understanding of the game
  • Follow specific directions
  • Aspire to play tournaments
  • Rally back and forth with opponent over the net


Moving Up

In order to move further up into the Pre-developmental or other programs, players in Junior Select must demonstrate some mastery of the skills mentioned above, have an evaluation by an Elysium Pro and demonstrate success on the court with learning new skills to help further the abilities needed to play at a more competitive level.

According to Elysium pro, Dan, students who participate will “build skills to help them move onto the next level.” The goal with the Junior Select program is to encourage proper technique, love of the game and fulfillment at playing opponents with higher skill. Players are encouraged to consider how best to develop skills by considering one-on-one coaching, take advantage of additional point play opportunities on the weekend and come to the club to practice during the week to grow the skill set needed to succeed.


Tennis is a technical game but also one filled with excitement. Additional opportunities to grow at Elysium included private lessons with pros at the club and one-on-one coaching to further hone skills necessary to become the best individual player a person can be.