Lesson 3: Countering The High Ball


Our Elysium Tennis Pros, Brian and Kevin, have launched a monthly Tennis Tips video series available on YouTube and our Facebook page to help you improve your game with time-honored tips and strategies in the world of tennis. Last month we discussed holding a proper trophy pose and why it is important. Be sure to check it out! For April, we will be focusing on countering the high ball.

Learning how to counter the high ball is important to maintain control against your opponent. High balls often start when your opponent feels under pressure, therefore they start hitting low quality high balls to play the game safe. High balls are safe bet and feel comfortable when the game is tight.  

How to Counter High Balls

To counter your opponent following a high ball, consider your volley options to return the ball. Using a swing volley, blocking volley, or attacking the ball early on the rise are great strategies to end the high ball, putting you in power of the return. It is important to remain mindful when planning your volley, rather than sending the return with no motive. These options put pressure on your opponent to hit a legitimate tennis shot rather than a safe high ball.

Three Reminders:

  1. Remember your opponent is under pressure when hitting a high ball. They do not trust their swing and are in a position to lose the game.
  2. Attack early on the rise. This gives your opponent less time to react for a return.
  3. Keep the pressure on. Consider your return options and making your opponent hit a difficult tennis shot VS a high ball.



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