Mighty Mites & Tiny Tots

Elysium Tennis offers programs for the littlest learners to step onto the court and learn about the benefits of tennis. Tennis is a technical game but lessons in the Mighty Mites and Tiny Tots programs can show kids how much fun it can be while also meeting other kids and building skills. Learn more about our programs and how to get started.


Quickstart Program

Designed to introduce players ages 5-7 years old basic skills and techniques, Elysium also strives to provide a fun and nurturing environment in which to play. Some of the unique features of the program include:

  • Provide players skills and opportunity to be successful in a short amount of time
  • Equipment is designed with little players in mind (foam balls, 19”-23” racquets)
  • Court dimensions appropriately sized for young players (36’x18’ wide, net height of 2’9”).
  • Support goal to have kids get ball over the net and begin rallying right away
  • Placement of kids based on skill level on appropriate court
  • Skill based learning around scorekeeping, drills, strokes for match play and how to use the court
  • Several class times and age groups available



Students at Elysium Tennis must provide the necessary items to have a fulfilling and safe experience. The following should be brought to the clinic:

  • Clear, non-marking soled tennis shoes (preferably designed for tennis courts)
  • Tennis racquet marked with child’s name
  • Water bottle


Tiny Tots

The Tiny Tots program is designed with absolute beginners in mind, generally around 3-5 years of age. The goal is to introduce little players to the game of tennis while having fun. The following are some of the ways Elysium supports young kids in learning the game:

  • Basic intro into the sport, mostly geared towards fun while learning
  • Use of racquet
  • Explore motor skills necessary for proper racquet technique
  • Practicing skills
  • Offered 1 or 2 days per week, 45 minutes in length
  • Beginner programs based on age
  • Advancement is based on age and skill level as evaluated by Elysium pro


Mighty Mites

Mighty Mites is designed with young players in mind, ages 5-7 years old. The following are skills taught to little players:

  • Basic skills and techniques
  • Foam balls used which are slower and lighter for new learners
  • Court adjusted for little players
  • Fun environment while being excited about tennis and learning to love the game
  • Usually is a first experience with game of tennis
  • Teaches love of the game and skills

The overall goal of the little player programs is to introduce the sport to young kids in a fun, engaging way which encourages forward movement in the sport of tennis through use of proper technique, build skills and engage with others in a non-competitive environment. Pros at Elysium are trained and proficient in working with young players to teach necessary skills to enjoy the game and advance to other programs, if so desired.