Paddle Tennis Leagues Available at Elysium Tennis


paddle tennis leagues


Elysium Tennis provides excellent tennis and paddle (platform) tennis facilities, clinics, leagues and more for players of all ages to enjoy from kids on up to older adults. Paddle tennis leagues are one activity members can enjoy. Learn more about what the leagues have to offer.



When players sign up for paddle tennis leagues, it is a fun way to enjoy competitive play in a fun environment. Paddle tennis league basic info includes:

  • Meetings Tuesday night 7-9:00 pm
  • First 16 people must register and the roster is set for the season
  • Call-in for sub list is available when spots open to substitute for absent players
  • Intermediate players are encouraged to participate
  • Season runs October 4th-February 28th



Paddle tennis league players learn a variety of activities while participating in the league. Throughout the season, players can expect to learn:

  • Straight game play with other players
  • Weekly line up of skilled players
  • 3 8-game sets
  • Top 2 players in points move up the roster
  • Bottom 2 players in points move down the roster
  • Competitive match play


No professional instruction is provided during league match play. This is a time for players to engage with one another in a fun, social yet competitive environment to elevate game play for all players on the court. Every player is required to bring his or her own equipment.

Please call Elysium Tennis ahead of time if interested in paddle tennis leagues or getting on the sub list.