Point Play Summer Session

Super Stars & All Stars

Point Play Summer Session

Point Play is a special program that teaches beginner tennis students the ins and outs of scoring, court position, and the rules of the game.  An Elysium tennis pro will be on the court to guide and answer any questions the play may have.  This is an optional activity for students enrolled in our Beginner/Intermediate Summer Clinics at the Super Star or All Star levels only.


June 7th – August 13th

Super Stars : Saturdays 12-1pm

All Stars : Saturdays 11am-12pm

(No point play Saturday July 2nd)

Cost: $45 for 9 Saturdays

Students must be enrolled in Summer Session of Super Stars or All Stars.  Must pay for the entire session– no pro-rating or make-ups for missed classes.  Limit of 16 per class.

What to Expect

Students will learn match procedures:

  • How to decide who serves first
  • How to properly warm up
  • How to properly keep score
  • How to call out score before each point
  • When to switch ends on the court
  • How many balls to hold when you serve
  • What are the different areas of the court:  Singles/Doubles, out of bounds, what service box is appropriate based on scores.

Students will learn court etiquette:

  • How to be courteous to neighboring courts
  • How to clear all balls from the courts before each point
  • What to do when a ball rolls onto another court

The student will be able to independently score and play a game with an enhanced understanding of the rules at the end.  During this activity, parents are encouraged to watch from the Mezzanine– only players and coaches are allowed on the court.


Space is Limited!

Call Elysium at 614-873-8749 to Register Today!