Elysium Tennis designs programs for young players to encourage skill based learning and enjoyment of tennis. Once kids learn the basics, the game becomes more fun and can become a sport kids will like for years to come. Learn more about the pre-developmental tennis program and how to get started.


Getting Started

Students in the pre-developmental program must be able to learn the basics of tennis. Some additional cognitive skills must also be present including focus, attention to instruction and willingness to learn and be coached. The overall goal for the program is to move students into the Developmental Clinic. Some additional requirements include the following:

  • Evaluation with pro and will be recommended or not. Look at list below for information.
  • Correct grips of the racquet
  • Able to serve and play points
  • Proper footwork
  • General understanding of the game
  • Recommended by Elysium Pro


Learning to Play

The pre-developmental program is all about building on the basics of tennis. Some of the ways Elysium provides opportunities for young players to get into the game is by supporting goals, practicing skills and providing clinics for advancement of the child’s skillset.

Below are some of the ways Elysium offers opportunities to grow skills:

  • Serve, play points with consistency and accuracy
  • Follow specific directions
  • Build technical skills including ball control
  • Start tournament play
  • Rally back and forth with opponent
  • Learn to keep score in the game


Moving Up

Players who participate in the pre-developmental program will learn some great skills while also having fun with other players. Slightly more competitive, this program is designed to support players who have goals to start tournament play and elevate the game to the next level. Clinics are offered various days and times of the week along with additional time to play kids from the pre-developmental program and watch older students play as well.

According to Elysium pro, Dan, students who participate will “gain some new technical skills and start to build on existing skills for more advanced play on the court.” The goal is not to be super competitive, although some players may desire to work at conditioning and technical abilities. Those students are encouraged to consider the next level program to further advance skills by speaking with the pre-developmental coach for evaluation.

The game of tennis is exciting and thrilling for young players who get into the game and take time to learn the necessary skills while building enjoyment of the sport. Additional opportunities to grow at Elysium include private lessons with pros at the club and one-on-one teaching with a hands-on approach based on the individual player’s goals and desires in mind.