Elysium Tennis provides an opportunity for players at the tournament level to elevate the game even more. Students in this group love competition, sport and have mastered some of the skills necessary to compete at a high level. Learn more about the Pre-Elite program and required skills.


Getting Started

Designed with tournament level players in mind, students must commit to a rigorous training schedule and competition. Students will focus on development of strategies for skill growth and as an all-around players.

Players are required to do the following:

  • Evaluation by Elysium Tennis
  • Have and maintain a Midwest Ranking
  • Play in the GCTA District Qualifier
  • Sign and maintain requirements of the contract of commitment


Moving Up

Players in this program are generally tournament level players who are at the highest level in the sport and are extremely competitive and driven to succeed. In addition to technical skills being mastered, a player must sign a contract of commitment which includes the following:

  • Meet physical demands of the group through personal training, conditioning and fitness regime
  • Trains 3 days per week with commitment to all 3 days
  • Plays on average 20 tournaments a year (generally) or approximately 2 tournaments a month
  • Competitive in a tournament level group
  • Takes private lessons and match plays provide additional opportunities to grow and learn 3-5 days per week to elevate game play



An Elysium pro must evaluate a player’s performance within the group to ensure skills are being  worked on properly and the player is growing.

Some of the ways the pro will evaluate performance include:

  • Building on basic skills
  • Start tournament play
  • Have correct grip and footwork
  • Recovery after shots
  • Serve consistently and win points
  • Delivers serves and returns with mastery



It is not easy to master the game of tennis. Even the pros know it takes years of training, tournament play at the highest level and even coming back from injury to win more tournaments to see it is a difficult sport mentally and physically. Toughness of thought and body is required to move towards mastery, but it is not necessarily an attainable goal per se as there is always room for improvement. Elysium works with players from beginner to elite whose goals are all to enjoy the sport while working hard to elevate one’s personal game. According to Dan, a pro at Elysium, “the goal of a player in the Pre-Elite group is to play college level tennis.” Students are thus committed to furthering a career in the sport and dedicate the time and energy to get there. Elysium is a great place to receive personal coaching, conditioning and training to elevate play to the next level.