Students Bound for University Should Consider Playing College Tennis

play tennis in college

Tennis is a highly enriching sport for both juniors and adults alike. With over 350,000 American high school students participating in their high school varsity tennis program, there’s certainly plenty of interest and participation in the game at the teenage level– which is awesome! This level of youth participation is great for the tennis industry and community as a whole since these players are the future of tennis.

We work with high school tennis athletes on a regular basis here at Elysium and have seen tremendous talent come through our doors. One of the things we always encourage for high school students preparing for college is participation in collegiate tennis, whether it be on a varsity college team or as a club or intramural sport. Continuing the game after high school and into University is a great way to keep your skills and fitness level sharp and to advance the sport of tennis overall.

Here are some of the benefits of participating in college tennis;

Building Social Bonds

Getting involved in an athletic program your first year of college is a great way to meet like-minded friends and begin to build a social group. Tennis programs often see a high level of cooperation and mutual support among athletes, making it a great place to get social in your college years.

Stay in Shape

It’s easy to pack on the Freshman Fifteen while you’re adjusting to the new independence and lifestyle of University life, so staying active with ongoing tennis practice will help you stay fit and focused during this transition. Fitness and health should be a lifelong commitment anyway, not just something you do during pre-season training.

Structure and Time Management

Participating in a tennis league will offer a certain level of structure that can be very helpful in establishing the appropriate discipline and organization you’ll need to thrive in college. Working around practices and matches will keep you focused on your achievements and help you organize and prioritize your time.

Establishing your Identity

Arriving at college, many students feel a bit lost and just part of the crowd. Finding a way to establish your own identity means actively pursuing your interests and talents. If tennis is a love for you, keep it going in college and allow yourself a firm place to stand when differentiating yourself from the herd.

Travel and Experience

By far some of the best opportunities for travel, meeting new people, and gaining valuable experience in the world come from participation in college athletic programs.  College tennis players often travel to other schools and see a lot of the world while competing. This builds character and confidence as you acclimate to life as an adult. The experience of tennis in college will be a foundation for your character as you come into your own as an adult.


We always encourage high school players to consider keeping their athleticism alive in college, especially with a tennis program. If you have questions about University tennis programs or how to participate after high school, talk with one of our tennis pros on the coaching staff here at Elysium and ask about tennis opportunities at the schools you’re considering.

Tennis is something you can stick with for life.