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5 Perks of Indoor Tennis Clubs

Indoor tennis is a great way to stay in shape and get better at your favorite sport. While tennis is often played on an outside court, many gyms offer indoor courts as well. Indoor tennis is played like regular tennis, and some people prefer to play indoors. If you have never played indoor tennis before,…

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Explode Into Your Set with Agility Drills

Practice makes perfect, so a professional, or anyone who is serious about a hobby or skill, does just that, they practice. They run drills. This is especially important in the sports world for ensuring your overall health, and game, are top notch. In the game of tennis, agility drills are encouraged for developing a quickness…

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Tennis Drills (Part 2: Off Court and Agility)

Previously, in Tennis Drills (Part 1: On Court), we discussed ball control and practicing shots. This time we’re going off court to work on your agility and stamina.   Footwork Tennis Drills The backward skip: A drill to strengthen muscles for jumping and movements needing backpedaling. Jog forward and back to your original position while…

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