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Summer Clinic Registration

Elysium Tennis Summer Clinics for Beginners kicks off May 30th and runs through August 12th. The program runs for 9 weeks, but there will be no classes on July 1st, 4th,  18th, and 22nd. Our programs are organized based on skill level and age. Junior Membership is not required for Beginner classes. All classes are…

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Private Lessons Available for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, tennis champs!  It’s looking warmer and brighter every day and you’re probably just as eager to break out of the winter slump as we are.  With all the warm weather coming down the pipe, you’re sure to be out on the courts and next year’s Varsity Tennis teams are already…

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Improve your Tennis Swing with these Simple Tips

Are you looking to make improvements to your tennis swing here in Columbus and want some simple tips to work on when you hit the courts?   Keep a few of these pointers in mind and let us know what kind of improvements you see in your form.   Get Ready for that Hit! For starters,…

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