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What to Look for in Athletic Apparel

Every year manufacturers spend millions of dollars on the research of human biomechanics in an effort to design and create apparel for the sports enthusiast. Because what you, the athlete, choose to put on your body and feet will ultimately affect your game and your overall health. Combating Heat When temperatures rise, wearing 100% cotton…

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Why You Need Quality Tennis Shoes

In the exciting world of tennis, choosing your workout attire is almost as important as choosing your racket. From flexible, breathable clothing to properly fitted shoes, careful consideration of what goes on your body will go a long way toward enhancing your performance and preventing injuries. When possible, purchase your athletic shoes from a specialty…

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Meet the Elysium Pro Shop!

It’s something we’ve been working on for quite a while now, in the hopes of being able to provide our members with everything needed to thrive on the court.  Well, the time has finally come to announce our digital Pro Shop! Thanks to a partnership with a warehouse shipping facility here in the Midwest, Elysium…

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