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How to String a Tennis Racket

Your main equipment on the tennis court is your racket, so ensuring you have a properly strung one is critical to playing a good game. Elysium Tennis offers convenient, fast, and reliable tennis racket stringing services. However, if you’re more of the ‘do it yourself’ type, it is possible to string a tennis racket on…

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Know Your Tennis Rackets

So, you’ve decided to take up tennis. You’re all set with breathable, comfortable clothes and shoes, and your lessons have been booked, but what about the star of the game? The tool that will help you win or lose. The racket. Tennis Rackets can be found in three basic types: control, power, and in-between. It’s…

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How to Choose the Perfect Tennis Racket for You

A tennis racket, like most sports gear, can range in price from as low as twenty dollars and upwards, with prices in the hundreds. If you’re going to make that kind of investment, it’s a good idea to know what you’re looking at, and for. With over twenty major brands to choose from in addition…

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