There’s nothing quite like the heat of a competitive match to get your heart racing and really bring the sport of tennis to life! We’re proud to partner with the USTA for a range of exciting tennis tournaments all year round. Check out the information here and visit USTA for more details. If you have questions or are interested in details about entering one of the tournaments on the calendar, talk to one of our Pro Coaches or stop by the front desk.

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Elysium Tennis Club Compass Draw Description and Match Flow
A compass draw is a relatively new method of Junior tournament draw administration. In this example, our compass draw will contain 16 participants. Everyone is guaranteed four matches over the two days (as long as there are 16 participants in the division, i.e. Boys 16′s, Girls 14′s).

First Day
With a full draw of 16, there will be four seeded players. The seeding will be done by using the latest available USTA Midwest rankings. The highest four ranked players will be placed according to their seeds, with the remaning twelve players being placed randomly by the computer in the draw. If there are fewer than 16 entrants the number of seeds will be determined according to the size of the draw and the USTA rules.
The first round will consist of 8 matches among the 16 participants in each division. The winners go east to the next round, just like a regular draw. The losers go west, basically like the backdraw in many other tournaments.
Then there is another round of matches among the eight remaining players in the east and the eight players that moved to the west. The four winners on each side continue going in the same direction.
The losers in the east go into a north division (players that won their first round match, and lost the second). There are now four players in the north division that will play off amongst each other on day two.
The losers in the west go into a south division (players that lost their first round match, and lost the second). There are now four players in the south division that will play off amongst each other on day two.
Elysium Tennis provides lessons for individuals and small groups, of all ages. If you are interested in scheduling a private, semi-private or group lesson, please, email us with your name, availability and your tennis experience, if any. We will reply to your email unless you provide another method of contact. Please, allow up to two business days for a response.

Second Day
We now have four groups of four players (the four points of the compass).
East – the four players that have won their first round and second round matches.
West – the four players that lost their first and won their second round matches.
North – the four players that won their first and lost their second round matches.
South – the four players that lost their first and second round matches.
Now we have a semifinal and final amongst the four players left in each compass division.
The winners of the semifinal matches play off for the championship in each of the compass divisions.
Semifinal losers in each division play off for third place in their compass division.


For a full schedule of USTA Tournaments in our area, Click Over to USTA.


Indoor tournaments: Fall – Winter – Spring
This general match time schedule may change from week to week. The actual times any given week may be different due to other events. It is your responsibility to check the official draws online for official times.



Girls first round matches @ 4 PM

Boys first round matches @ 5:30 PM

Girls second round matches @ 7 PM

Boys second round matches @ 8:30 PM


Girls third round matches @ 8 AM

Boys first round matches @ 9:30 AM

Girls final round matches @ 11 AM

Boys final round matches @ 12:30 PM

Summer Tournaments: June, July, August

All tournaments will be held outside with inside backup if we run behind. Matches may begin as early as 9 AM on either day and go until dark.



Elysium Tennis Club Compass Draw Rules and Procedures
All USTA rules are in effect. NO unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated. College, high school and amateur participants must make sure they have the approval of their individual universities, schools, leagues, administrations and coaching staff to participate in any of the tournaments being held at Elysium. Make sure you check with them first. We do not want to jeopardize any players eligibility or scholarship at any instituion. This is your responsibility.
General Rules for Tournaments:
1. In order to complete the tournament in a timely manner, we will use a match tie break in lieu of the third set. We will use regular scoring for the first two sets. If the sets are split, the match tie break will be used in place of the third set. First player to win 10 points with a 2 point margin will win the match.
2. Regular scoring will be used during the first 2 sets. If the match reaches 6-6 in a set, a set tie break will be used to determine the winner of the set. The first player to win 7 points by a 2 point margin will win the set.
3. USTA rules will be in effect and will be enforced. Code of Conduct will be enforced. Loud and or objectionable behavior will not be tolerated. Rooting and support of the players is great, and encouraged, as long as it remains within the rules. Negative outbursts directed at an opponent, from the player, or parents, will result in expulsion.
4. Absolutely no coaching is allowed, especially in foreign languages. Referees are now being trained in foreign language basics in order to recognize and spot illegal coaching. Parents will be asked to leave if they violate any of these rules of conduct.
5. Please know the rules. The USTA three step disqualification process will be used in penalty situations. 1. Point. 2. Game. 3. Match.
6. Ten minute warm up – including serves. The warm ups will be timed by the roving refs and the clock starts when the players enter the court.
7. The three step penalty process will be used for disqualification, point, game, and match. Players need to be aware of the process. The decisions of the referee are final. Period. The administration or director will not over rule any referees decision.
8. Cell phones and electronic devices will be monitored closely and subject to penalty points. If one rings on court, it is an automatic loss of point, Second time is a game. Third time is disqualification.
9. Roving USTA referees will be working during the entire tournament. If you have any questions, they are very helpful and will do everything possible to help the players resolve their questions. The referees will adjudicate all problems that occur on the court. Their decision is final. Tournament administrators rarely have time to watch any matches and will make no decisions regarding anything that happens on the court, so please don’t ask. Administrators will handle questions of eligibility, scheduling, seeding, etc. or other administrative areas.
10. Scoring markers are requested to be used on all courts. All spectators appreciate being able to follow the match and scoring. Please change the score only during the odd game change over. Please do not stop after every game to change the score. Time is at a premium.
11. Pizza party for all participants on Saturday night. Pizza will be delivered after 6:15 on Saturday evening. We buy a lot, but please let the players eat first before letting siblings jump in.
12. Tee shirt for all participants. One tee shirt per player.
13. Cell phone numbers are important for the directors to have. If there is a default or injury, we will try and contact the opponent to inform them that they will have a different match time. Please email the tournament with your cell phone contact numbers so we may contact you in an emergency. We will not give them out to any one else.
14. Early arrival is really appreciated and helps the tournament run more smoothly. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled match time to check in. If there is an open court and both opponents are available, we will put your match on. This really helps everything run on time.