Top Ten Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

Tennis is an excellent activity to help keep in shape at any age. The entire body and mind is worked which provides holistic benefits as people age. Enjoy some fresh air outdoors, hit a few balls and enjoy some of the benefits of playing tennis.

Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

Full body workout

Tennis is a great workout for the whole body. The lower body is running, stopping and starting. The action of hitting a tennis ball helps build the core and keep shoulders and upper back strong.


Improved health

The game of tennis increases a person’s oxygen intake while playing, increasing heart rate and blood delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all body’s muscles. Anaerobic health also gets a boost as muscles use oxygen in a better way to provide quick bursts of energy for explosive movement.


Burn calories and fat

Running, swinging, reaching and moving in the game of tennis can burn many calories. Tennis can also help reduce overall fat as a single game may burn as many as between 400-600 calories an hour.


Improve bone health

Playing tennis is not just good for the muscles, it also positively impacts bones as well. Regular exercise can increase peak bone mass and slow the rate of loss over time. Maximize bone mass by continuing to exercise after age 30 to slow the rate of bone loss.


Heart healthy

Anaerobic movements burn fat, increase the heart rate and promote higher energy levels. Intervals are optimal for improving cardiovascular health, essential for lowering the risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke.


Enhance flexibility

Tennis works the entire body which requires flexibility, balance and coordination. Maneuvering into the right position to hit the ball requires the body moving in sync. All factors coming together builds flexibility.


Improved discipline

Tennis takes patience, time and dedication. Practicing the game, focusing on skills to get better and working to achieve a degree of socialization support disciplined behavior in working with others and playing well.


Brain power

When a person plays tennis, it requires creativity, planning, tactical thinking and agility. The brain’s neural connections work to develop new neurons which aid memory, learning and social skills.



Rapid-fire changes of direction, turning and racing around the court require bursts of energy which support cross-training. Sprinting and endurance work are elevated throughout the game of tennis.


Boosts mood

Tennis players are more optimistic, have higher self-esteem and are less anxious, angry and depressed than those who play other sports or are sedentary.


Enjoy all the health benefits of playing tennis. Find a partner, get on the court and have fun while getting all the benefits of a game which boosts the mind, body and soul.  


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