Understanding the Paddle Tennis Rules & Scoring

Paddle Tennis is a fun sport that is enjoyed by children and adults alike. It is a fun alternative to tennis and is often played inside. I you are going to play paddle tennis, you need to know the rules and scoring. Here are a few thing to keep in mind and a few tips to help improve your game.


What Is Paddle Tennis?

Paddle tennis is played much like regular tennis, but there are some differences. The courts are smaller and there are no double lanes. The net is much lower than a tennis net and instead of using a strung racquet players use a solid paddle. The ball is a depressurized tennis ball.


How Do You Keep Score In Paddle Tennis?

Scoring is pretty simple in paddle tennis. There are a few things you need to remember


  • The first point is called 15, although it is also commonly called 5.
  • The second point is called 30.
  • The third point is called 40.
  • The fourth point is Game.

When each team has scored 15, or both teams have scored 30, the score is called “15 all” or “30 all”. When both teams have scored 40, the score is called Deuce. The next point after Deuce is called Advantage for the team who scores the point. If the team with the Advantage scores the next point they win.


What Are Paddle Tennis Rules?

The rules of paddle tennis are different than the rules of tennis, even though the game is somewhat similar. In order to get a better understanding of the rules, you need to watch a few games. Some of the most important rules to remember are,


The ball is out if it

  1. The server does not take the right position..
  2. The server commits a foot fault.
  3. The server misses the ball while trying to hit it.
  4. The ball does not land in on the service court.
  5. The ball served hits the server’s partner.
  6. The ball touches a court fixture other than the net cord, post, band or center strap before it hits the deck. If it touches any of the above fixtures and then lands within the proper service court, it is in play.


Other important rules:

  • Only one serve attempt is allowed.
  • A server must follow the rules of foot fault.
  • The server must wait until the receiving team is ready.
  • Once the ball enters the service court, it remains in play until a point is scored.
  • If the ball bounces a second time after hitting within the service court the first time, the point is awarded to the serving team.

Paddle tennis is a fun game and if you love to play regular tennis, you may enjoy it as well. You can pay and learn more about paddle tennis rules and paddle tennis scoring at Elysium Tennis. Register for your first class today.