USTA Midwest Indoor Holiday Championships

December 27 - 30, 2017
$$$$$   Prize Money Tournament   $$$$$

$7,500 Total in Prize Money!



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Men’s Open / Women’s Open - Singles & Doubles

Men’s 35, 45, 55, 65, 75 Singles and Doubles

New – Men’s 60 & 70 Singles

Women’s 35, 45 Singles and Doubles

 Event Details

  • Open to EVERYONE ages 15 and older. Adults, collegians, high school players.
  • All Participants must be current USTA members of good standing.
  • Entry deadline is December 20, 2017 at midnight.
  • REGISTER EARLY !!! Your credit card will not be charged until December 21 !!
  • The larger the draw, the larger the prize money pool & the bigger the interest.
  • Draws will be published online December 23 by 6 PM.
  • FMLC – First Match Losers Consolation – every player will have at least 2 matches.
  • Third Set Match Tie Break – in place of a full third set, so we can finish on time.
  • Email your ranking info to directors for seeding purposes: ATP, WTA, ITA rankings.
  • Midwest Championship Points – and points for Midwest & OVTA ranking.
  • Prize money for all placers – champions, second, third place and consolation champs.
  • Prize money will be paid at the conclusion of each event.
  • Finals for all events are on December 30, beginning at 9am, then home for parties.
  • Amateurs are responsible for obtaining their school’s permission, from your coach and athletic director. Plus completing your ITA forms and submission.
  • Please sign up online @
  • Tournament ID # 850148416. The home page will have directions for registration.
  • Pizza on the middle two nights of the tournament, plus food expo’s other evenings.
  • Tournament Director - Arnie Jones / Cell 614-296-7695.
  • Director Email (preferred communication method) -
  • Elysium phone number, if needed, is (614) 873-8749. :
  • All USTA rules are in effect – and will be enforced – inappropriate language or actions will result in disqualification and suspension points.

 Special Senior Discount – Entrants in the Men’s & Women's 60, 65, 70 and 75 SINGLES divisions will receive a special discount of 20%, which will be deducted from the singles entry fee. Many thanks for your participation!

Prize Money


First Match Losers Consolation – 2 matches minimum
  • Men’s / Women’s Open Singles Champion                                        $1,000
  • Men’s / Women’s Open Singles Finalist                                              $500
  • Men’s / Women’s Open Singles Third Place                                      $300
  • Men’s / Women’s Open Singles Backdraw Champ                         $200

All other singles divisions – M35, M45, M55, M60, M65, M70, M75, W35, and W45 - will use the following formula listed below for singles prize money payout. The more participants there are, the greater the pot, and the bigger the pay out.

  • Champion                                                                                     25% of event receipts.
  • Finalist                                                                                           15% of event receipts.
  • Third Place                                                                                   10% of event receipts.
  • Back Draw Champ                                                                    10% of event receipts.

Example – 10 entries in a division = $500. Champion gets $125 (500 * 25%, Finalist gets $75 ($500 * 15%), third place and Back Draw Winner get $50 ($500 * 10%)


First Match Losers Consolation – 2 matches minimum

  • Men’s Open Doubles Champs                                                         $500/team
  • Men’s Open Doubles Finalists                                                        $250/team
  • Men’s Open Doubles Third Place                                                  $150/team
  • Men’s Open Doubles Consolation Champs                               $100/team

All other doubles divisions – M35D, M45D, M55D, M65D, W365D, W45D, Open Mxd, 35Mxd, 45Mxd - will use the following formula to determine the doubles team’s prize money payout.

  • Champions                                                       Team receives 25% of events fees.
  • Finalists                                                             Team receives 15% of events fees.
  • Third Place Team                                          Team receives 10% of events fees.
  • Back Draw Winning Team                        Team receives 10% of events fees

Past Champions

Jason Homorody (Ohio State), Kirsten Flower (Ohio State), Ross Wilson (Ohio State), Jason Marshall (Purdue), Kevin Metka (Ohio State), Nikki Flower (Ohio State), Wyatt Lippert (ATP), Stephanie Smith (Indiana), Ryan Harning (Florida), Shuhei Uzawa (Ohio State), Christine Chiricosta (Bowling Green), Brady Crosby (Western Michigan), Neela Vaez (Purdue).


USTA Midwest Indoor Championships

Elysium Tennis Club

December 27 to 30, 2017

Approximate Schedule

Hours and Match Times

Each division’s estimated first match times, depending on draw size.

If the registration numbers in a division are small, it may start on a later date.

PLEASE NOTE - Men’s Open Singles is always our largest group, we have had over 80 entries in the past, so it has the largest draw and time requirements. If the Men’s Open Singles division and draw are NOT large enough, so that we do not need to begin on Dec. 26, we will wait until Dec. 27 to start the tournament, with Men’s Open Singles.

  • Dec. 27       Wed.    1 PM to 11 PM       Men’s Open Singles (Women’s Open Singles If Needed)
  • Dec. 28       Thur.   1 PM to 11 PM       All Other Singles Divisions, Begin Doubles
  • Dec. 29       Fri.       9 AM to 11 PM       All Other Singles Divisions - Singles, Doubles
  • Dec. 30       Sat.      9 AM to 7 PM      All Finals, Third Place and B/G Champ Matches
Largest groups go on first, since they will play multiple multiple matches per day.
Singles have top priority, followed by doubles, then mixed doubles.
First players on every day - Mens Open Singles - usually followed by Womens Open Singles.
Then age group singles, followed by doubles, then mixed doubles will usually go on last.

All Players - be prepared to play multiple matches per day.

Elysium will be running regular clinics, lessons and group programs during the mornings most days until 1 PM. There may be open courts available during the day for warm-up. Please call the club at 614-873-8749 to see if any are available, at a tournament discounted rate.


Please email us at and list your name, USTA number, and cell phone contact for a return call.