We Got Your Pickleball!

We Got Your Pickleball!

Pickleball is making a huge statement in the sporting scene across the nation, and Elysium Tennis is all for the game. For those new to the idea, pickleball is a sport involves a paddle used to hit a perforated, plastic ball over the net. The rules are simple and can be easy for beginners to learn, making is an easy way to get involved. Come celebrate our new indoor court lines as we kick off our summer schedule with pickleball!


May 12th

6PM – 8PM

$7/per person


Beginners and experienced players are welcome to join, and are encouraged! Our pickleball event is a great way to make new friends while getting active. Jump in and have fun during this laid-back version of tennis!


Simply call the front desk to sign up! Hurry, as spots fill fast!


Can’t make this pickleball event? Don’t fret! We’ll be hosting plenty of pickleball open play dates over the summer. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest news and event schedule!