Welcome to Elysium Tennis – Our New Club Promo Video!

Welcome to Elysium Tennis – Our New Club Promo Video!

Elysium Tennis is proud to present our new club promo video! Our goal has always been to create an environment that exemplifies the perfect place to play tennis for residents of Columbus and Central Ohio, and now we have a featured brand commercial to showcase all we have to offer to our friends and neighbors across central Ohio.

Elysium Tennis has Something for Everyone

We offer various programs for everyone of all ages, whether you are looking to learn fundamentals or the opportunity to enhance your skills. If you are an adult looking to learn the basics of tennis, or looking to improve your skill set, be sure to check out our private tennis lessons where you work one-on-one with a personal coach. If you’re looking for a challenging workout, cardio tennis is a great exercise program for anyone at any playing level! This high energy class offers the best features of tennis combined with cardiovascular exercise. Learn more about cardio tennis on our website.

Our loyal customers motivate our team to continue striving to be the #1 Tennis Club in Columbus. The Elysium staff works hard to create a welcoming environment, making sure the positive quality of our atmosphere matches the premium quality of our courts. To help express our passions for teaching tennis, we are starting an eleven-month series, posting one short video each month offering tips and lessons on the game of tennis. Each video will provide helpful tips for various tennis techniques. Be sure to stay tuned for the February lesson video where we discuss key components of the split step!

To find more information on junior level and adult tennis programs, check out our website or give Elysium Tennis a call today!